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Music For Tomorrow is a non-profit organization dedicated to stimulating the creative economy. We ask for voluntary donations from happy customers like you who use our band booking service to perpetuate our service.

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Born in New Orleans, jazz spread around the world - characterized by a democratic spirit that showcases American creativity, virtuosity.

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Started in 2006, Music for Tomorrow helps musicians get jobs (gigs). The more gigs that we book, the more money we raise to perpetuate our service. We support the creative economy by providing more employment opportunities for jazz musicians. We help them get gigs!

Music For Tomorrow News

Onwards & upwards! MFT 1Q13 Newsletter

March 14th, 2013

We started 2013 with a New Orleans party, hosting a Fat Tuesday get-down with the wonderful vocals of Allegra Levy and Zaftig Jazz Quintet. We celebrated for a very specific reason:


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"MFT has been a fantastic source for top caliber musical talent. Booking has been consistently easy, secure, and quick, and their musicians are professional and dependable. I highly recommend MFT for any musically involved event!"
- Julian Boxenbaum, Co-Founder, LucidNYC


"MFT provided me exactly what I was looking for my Google Nonprofit Holiday Mixer...MFT was able to source 19 quality options within 48 hours. Impressive! 5 star experience!"
- Alex Abelin, Google Community Affairs Manager



"MFT is simple, trustworthy and there's no catch. It's been a great way to book gigs that match my style of music and from experience I know that MFT is there to help musicians like myself."
-Gregorio Uribe, Gregorio Uribe Big Band

Iris Ornig

"The birthday party I played through MFT was wonderful, a great experience. MFT is very professional and helps me discover gigs. I'm happy to be a part of MFT!"
-Iris Ornig, bassist